What do I do with the download link I received?

1. Open the message sent to you. 2. Scroll down to the download link. 3. Click on the link and you will be immediately connected to the service content portal. 4. Download the content or use it online. 5. Have fun with your product!

How can I cancel a service?

You can cancel the service anytime: Send a sms STOP to 43006 (please carefully check from which shortcode you have received our service messages). You can also call our customer care number 0879407333 or send an email to [email protected].

I did not know that I have to pay for the service?

On our website the price and terms of the service are mentioned. When you subscribe to the service you receive first a SMS message with the price information as well. When you confirm this SMS message then you are subscribed to the service and then the charges will occur.

I have never been subscribed, but I still receive messages?

It is possible that you do not remember that you have subscribed to the service. In order to subscribe to the service you receive a message first that you have to confirm. Only when that is done you are subscribed. Always make sure that nobody else has access to your phone and is able to subscribe your phone number to our service without your permission. Check the messages you receive very well and from which number you receive them. Are the messages not send from number 43006 then contact your mobile operator customer care.

My child is minor and has subscribed for the service?

On our website and promotions it is mentioned that persons under 18 have to ask explicit permission from their parents or guardian. We cannot be held responsible or accountable if a minor child subscribes without parental permission. To unsubscribe you can send an SMS with STOP to 43006 (from your child’s phone). Or you can send a mail to our customer service with a request to unsubscribe: [email protected]. We act according the guidelines of the local mobile operators.

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